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i love to lose my mind
Hello deviantARTists, it's been a long time.

I've had the urge to do a bit of thinking out loud (typing out....? whatever) and I've decided that this will be my chosen platform. I get a bit reflective towards the end of the year. Sometimes it feels like nothing is ever changing (I am sure you all know the feeling) and I find it helpful to look back and see that, yes, things are changing and yes, I am growing as a person. Today I've been thinking about where I am now and where I was two years ago. And it is, in fact, quite a different place:

In November 2012 I was twenty-two years old. I had just finished my bachelor of science and was about to enter my honours year. I was doing honours to avoid the fact that I didn't know what I wanted to be doing, but I felt a feeling of dread at the thought of spending my life as a researcher. I couldn't drive; I did not have a car. I didn't have any long-term friendships from uni (but I did have an acquaintance that would turn into a long-term friend). I felt pretty lost, really.

Now, two years later, I am twenty-four years old. (Congratulations to those math geniuses out there who figured that one out!) I have finished my first year (or two-thirds) of a masters degree of publishing and editing. I can drive, and I have a car that I love (a 2011 Toyota Corolla hatchback, if you're curious). I have a steady casual job as a publishing assistant. I am a volunteer for two different organisations, and I work with both on a weekly basis. I have a group of amazing friends from my honours year who blow my mind with their intelligence. I can talk on the phone and give presentations without stuttering (too much). I am looking for an internship for next year and I am excited about it. I am three days away from finishing Kayla Itsines' BBG, which I can assert is not easy.

So I guess things do change; and even someone with as much Peter Pan Syndrome as me grows up slowly. I still can't cook more than a couple of meals. I still can't iron. I still know next to nothing about finances. I still can't do a million other independent things. But that's okay.

I wonder where I will be in another two years' time. God willing, I will be twenty-six (yay more maths!). My studies should be over. Will I have a full-time job? Will I still be living at home? Will I have improved my housewife skills? I guess we will see. I'm terrified of the future, but I am also excited for it.

I wish I were still writing, but I've lost the unrequited part of my love and the bulk of my teenage angst and it seems I need at least one of those to write. Maybe I'll be back someday.

I hope you're all doing wonderfully, my old friends.
  • Mood: Content

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wow, what a surprise :)
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Hello Stranger :hug:
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Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl :heart:
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much love for the faves :love:
p.s i miss reading your work.
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